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Monday-Friday  7:30am – 4pm

Saturday   8am – 4pm

Sunday    8am – 4pm

cafè rumi


Truly Great Coffee
and Tea

We use the finest quality coffee and tea we could find. Our coffees are Oak Wood roasted locally in the Bay Area. Our coffee is the freshest you can find! The most common source of fuel used to supply a coffee roaster with heat is gas. Our roaster, however, is the first and only roaster in the United States to roast coffee beans exclusively over a fire fueled by Oak Wood. The differences are not what one might initially expect. Unlike cooking with a wood oven or grill, where the smoke from the wood imparts a flavor to the final product, the main difference between wood and conventional roasting lies in the quality of the heat delivered to the beans. Heat derived from wood has higher moisture content and is better suited for slow roasting.

The more oil preserved within the bean, the more exquisite the final flavor will be. The natural humidity within the wood seems to envelop the beans during the roasting process, hence preserving more of the lipids within. Meanwhile, the slow roasting aspect ensures the coffee is lower in acidity and higher in body. The result is most apparent in our espresso, yielding more crema, fuller flavor, and a smoother finish. For drip coffee for which we actually wish to retain the acidity of the coffees, we subject the beans to a faster roasting time. We hope you will enjoy a distinctive coffee experience which is impossible to duplicate.

Our loose artisan teas are all hand selected and they come from all the far corners of the earth.  We carry herbal, black, green, white, oolong, etc.  Come in to see our selection!

our Signature Pink Chai


"How do you make it look so pink?"

This is a question we are asked a lot! 

Our Pink Chai has no added colors. So, how do we get it to turn its beautiful shade of mauve/pink? We do it through a labor intensive and oxygenating brewing process, using a very special green tea that we import from the Himalayas.  This tea is grown in an extremely high elevation environment, and is unique among other green teas. Our recipe is a thousand years old, and our tea is brewed with the utmost patience and care. It is labor intensive, but it's a labor of love!  

The tea packs a punch and has many health benefits, both for being made with green tea and also for its alkaline elements.  


Due to its concentration, our Pink Chai has a lot of caffeine. This makes it a great coffee alternative.

Come and try some of our Pink Chai today!

Why Ethical
Coffee & Tea Matters 


Here at Cafe Rumi, we are all about love and a deep connection with the rest of the world.  We want our footmark to serve a greater purpose.  Ethically sourced coffee and tea matters to us and we choose products consciously, aware of its' impacts on the world.  

Read more about Fair Trade

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